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Connectivity Dashboard – Now Live!!

We’re pleased to announce the addition of the Connectivity Dashboard to the Self Service portal. The dashboard allows you and your selected staff to monitor the connectivity status of the different MNO’s in real time. This means faster escalations, problems can be resolved faster and less downtime. We’ve developed this dashboard based on feedback we’ve received and will enhance this with time.

Column header explanation:

Service Description – Indicates the service provider connection that Access Bank is connected to through the payd .Core platform.

Status – Current status of the bind

Last Status Change – This indicates the last time the status changed

Last Check – This indicates the last time a refresh happened


Color status key:

Green – service is up and working

Amber – service is working but not properly

Red – service is down and moved to the top of the list


It is important to note that the Connectivity Dashboard indicates service availability. There could be a green indicator but still have performance issues post connectivity. The connectivity dashboard should be read in correlation with a service performance dashboard – such as payd’s Performance and Vendor Monitor dashboard’s.